The design references how cancer starts: by cells dividing out of control. The words share some level of assonance through the “an” and “er” sound which makes the message more memorable to the audience. The word cancer is set in Futura bold and the word answer is set in Bodoni black italic to provide a visual contrast as the san-serif in the company of the Didone seems menacing while the Didone seems more human through its thin and thick strokes.  
The word cancer is present in eight lines while the word answer starts to form in each of the lines letter by letter. The word cancer decreases in frequency after line five as the word answer becomes more explicit. Answer is the only word present in line nine to represent one of the ultimate goals of cancer research which is the answer or cure for cancer.Although there is no definitive answer yet as to how to eliminate cancer  this campaign would like to focus on the fact that one day there will be one and anyone can contribute towards that goal.
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