The following is a personal project about diamond mining in Africa. The project stemmed from a curiosity of why diamonds were a symbol of marriage and how marketing can create a perceived necessity for one of your most important life events. The text was taken from Brilliant Earth's articles about diamond mining practices in parts of Africa.

The illustrations were inspired by each of the issues discussed in the article. 

I used Didot Bold for the title font and Gotham regular for copy text. Didot bold felt appropriate as Didone typefaces have long been associated with luxury brand and products. The juxtaposition of Didot and the subject matter also help to create interest as the pairing challenges the traditional associations made with Didone typefaces. Gotham Regular was the copy text for its practicality and legibility. Also, the wide counters in Gotham regular create a nice visual typographic texture that contrasts well with Didot.
A detail of the illustration depicting a child descending into a mine to recover diamonds. 
A mockup of the presentation if shown in a museum like the De Young or Centre Pompidou (which I hope might become reality in the future).
A mockup of the presentation if it were a website seen on mobile. 
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